The Life and Times of a Curious Conservationist

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A Photo Journal of Summer

Beaches, berries and baseball

Washington State: A little Provence

The Big Apple


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Saturday is International Save the Vaquita Day! (What the heck does that mean?)

You heard me right, July 11th has been declared Save the Vaquita Day around the world!  The international part is very important because if people around the globe didn’t participate, there would probably be, like, 12 people who even know what a vaquita is.


What’s a vaquita, you ask?

vah kee’ tah: (n) a small, highly endangered porpoise that lives only in the Gulf of California. Scientific name: Phocoena sinus

Vaquita are small, shy, and absolutely adorable, but they’re in serious trouble.  It is believed that there may only be 50 of them left, and they’re at an extremely high risk of going extinct.  Their very small historic range coupled with entanglements in illegal fishing operations has lead to devastating drops in population over recent years.

So advocates have arranged an annual day to recognize the plight of this beautiful marine mammal, and bring attention to what can be done to save it.  You can help, just by spreading the word!  This Saturday, share this with your friends and ask them to pass on the vaquita’s story!  Also, make sure you check the schedule to see if there’s an event happening in your area!



Jen finding Zen

When I started blogging last year, I just thought it would be something fun and different to try, and it would keep me occupied during the winter when I can’t go outside because it’s negative 20,000 degrees. But I didn’t realize just how helpful it would be for me.  Recently, I’m really starting to see the benefits.

Lately I’ve been worried that I’m becoming cynical.  I’ve ALWAYS been an extraordinarily optimistic person, but this past year has been somewhat rough and I’ve been noticing signs that I might not be looking at the bright side all the time anymore (some of my friends would probably call that a relief).  So I’ve been using this blog as more of an outlet, to hash out ideas and thoughts that might not be so positive or beneficial to myself.  Not necessarily posting everything (in fact, usually not) but just drafting a post and then letting it sit for a while as I think about it.

This type of filter is helping me to identify some of those negative, cynical thoughts and let them go rather than keeping them locked in my head.  It clears them out to allow space for my “zen” thoughts and ideas, for real gratitude to fill up my heart and mind.  I want to make it a daily exercise to release my negative thoughts, with the hope that over time, I can move back toward a “glass half full” perspective.  As I practice this daily, eventually it will be second nature, and I’ll be able to let go of destructive thoughts before they even have time to take root.  And find a happier Jen.