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New Year's Resolution

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A New Spin on a New Year’s Resolution.

berriesHappy New Year!

It’s that time of year again…the time of trying really hard to change, start or break habits.  The time when everyone and their mother is at the gym crowding you off the elliptical.  The time of new diets and overpriced exercise gear.  The time of struggling to keep that resolution past the average two-week mark.  (The only other annual struggle comparable to this is during Lent when everyone tries to stop swearing and eating chocolate, despite all the Easter candy.)

I’ve had a wide variety of New Year’s resolutions over the years (from getting back in shape, to not gossiping to calling my parents more), but this year as I thought about what I wanted to change in my life, I had a realization.  Almost all of my previous resolutions were exclusively benefiting me.  Unintentional of course, but a fact nonetheless.

With this thought blazing in my mind I decided I wanted to do something a little different this year.  I still want to work on improving myself, but at the same time, push myself to do more.  As I was reading my National Geographic on the flight home I stumbled upon an idea: my resolution will be to waste less food in 2015.

I have a terrible habit of buying lots of food (especially meat and/or produce) and then forgetting about it or never actually eating it.  Things go bad in the refrigerator and freezer nonstop.  But this year it stops.

I knew I was bad about wasting food, but I didn’t realize that 30% globally of food produced for human consumption goes to waste every year!  That’s thousands of pounds of uneaten food going to waste, including food not eaten at restaurants and thrown out at home. Meanwhile, nearly 1 in 4 children in the US aren’t getting the nutrition they need to live happy, healthy lives.


In addition to the hunger impacts of food waste, there are natural resource impacts.  The food that is thrown out in the US annually accounts for over 25% of all our fresh water used for agriculture.  And unfortunately, our large food-producing regions (like California) are already water-starved.  If we as consumers could reduce our waste and by extension our demand, we could reduce water needed for irrigation and save taxpayers thousands of dollars in lawsuits over water rights in the Western US.

My goal is to beat that 30% number by not throwing out more than 25% of my food in 2015 (I know that’s still a lot, but I have to start somewhere).  Since I’ve set my resolution I haven’t thrown out any food.  (My roommate did clean out our fridge, but I’m counting that as 2014, cleaning the slate for this year.)  I will be selective with my perishable foods and only buy those I know I will eat, and I’ll get doggie bags when I eat out so I can have leftovers for my next meal (and I will NOT forget about those leftovers and find them a week later in the fridge.)

So far, I’ve eaten all of the food I’ve cooked, even the leftovers, so I’m feeling pretty good.  This year, I’m going to use my resolution to help myself (save grocery money), reduce the hunger epidemic and protect the environment by conserving resources.

What changes are you making for 2015?

Mouse Ballet Flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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Fashion Friday: what I’m obsessing over this week

Happy Halloween!!

It’s the scariest day of the year, and everyone may be out begging for candy…but it’s still Friday, so it’s time to share my latest fashion faves!  This week (actually the past several weeks) I’ve been loving shoes that look like animals.  The trend has been hitting hard over the past few months, including retail and designer brands, and these shoes are so cute that they may literally make you squee….

Here are a few of my top picks:


I was crushing on these Night Owl Pumps by kate spade for weeks over the summer until I finally saw them at Nordstrom’s for 40% off…and had to snag them! Best. Decision. Ever.

And I’ll likely be getting several more pairs of animal shoes when I can afford them.  I love their whimsical style!  They could even serve as inspiration for a Halloween costume…Maybe next year I’ll do the Swan Princess and wear these REDValentino shoes!

Here are a few more pairs, at The Wearist…check them out!

Happy Halloween Friday,



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